Renting An RV In Knoxville Tennessee Is Far More Fun

September 21, 2015 | Just For Fun

If you’re like most people, buying an RV won’t make you camp more. You’ll just realize how little you actually camp. An RV is tens of thousands of dollars, and when you get one, you want to know it’s going to be used a lot. If you’ve ever known someone with an RV, it probably spends nine months out of the year sitting in the front driveway. Not only does it take up space and require ample storage, it also costs you money whether you are using it or not. When people buy an RV, they usually don’t think about the various maintenance and insurance costs that will add up. It isn’t cheap to insure your RV. Average costs are $2,912 a year. With that kind of cost in addition to the tremendous amount you’ll spend purchasing and maintaining an RV, it makes a lot more sense to rent one. … Continued

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Enhance Your Camping – Rent An RV

August 20, 2015 | Just For Fun

You would be hard pressed to find something that can compare to the fond memories created with friends and loved ones on camping trips. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends free from modern distractions and stresses may be just the kind of trip you’re looking for. The point of a trip is to get away from it all, meaning the stress of your everyday life gets left behind. But tent camping, with all the preparation and work involved, does not often provide that for people. Nature is not something we have much control over. Although many families look forward to camping to get away from the everyday stresses of work and home life, escaping those realities and truly relaxing can be difficult with tent camping. Most people end up feeling cranky after nights of sleeping in a tent. That’s the last thing you want when … Continued

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