You would be hard pressed to find something that can compare to the fond memories created with friends and loved ones on camping trips. Being able to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends free from modern distractions and stresses may be just the kind of trip you’re looking for. The point of a trip is to get away from it all, meaning the stress of your everyday life gets left behind. But tent camping, with all the preparation and work involved, does not often provide that for people.

Nature is not something we have much control over. Although many families look forward to camping to get away from the everyday stresses of work and home life, escaping those realities and truly relaxing can be difficult with tent camping. Most people end up feeling cranky after nights of sleeping in a tent. That’s the last thing you want when you’re spending quality time with your family. Typically, people set off on a trip expecting the best. That may not be what you get if you decide to rough it in a tent.

If only you could camp and feel comfortable at the same time. If tent camping isn’t allowing you to get all that you want out of your family trips, then leave it behind. If sleeping on the ground isn’t enough of a deterrence, consider the issue of plumbing, setting up a campsite and having to clean up before and after meals in the great outdoors. But without an expensive motorhome, many families feel they have no other options.

What most people don’t realize is that there are other alternatives. Of course there will still be work involved. But there are ways that you can camp without many of the negative elements involved. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands on a new motorhome. Just rent an RV. Most people have never considered the benefits of renting an RV for their next family or group camping trip. Sleep in a comfortable bed, stay warm throughout the night, and take advantage of modern day plumbing. No one will waste time arguing over how to set up camp. No one will have to be sleep deprived. Finally get the trip you’ve always wanted with your family.

Your next camping trip could be your best and most memorable when you decide to skip the tent. With an RV you still get the recreational elements and beauty of the outdoors without the discomfort of traditional camping. You can rest in a comfortable bed with access to plumbing, and spend your days exploring, hiking, fishing, and cooking over a campfire. Finding your campsite is as hard as it gets. Once you park your RV, you’re ready to sit back and relax. A vacation should leave you feeling rested. With RV rental, your camping trip can be exactly what you need to recharge and get back to normal life. Avoid what you detest about camping, and stick to what you love. If you’re looking for the camping trip of a lifetime, look into Connecticut RV rental. You won’t be disappointed.