Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit vans are commonplace in the mobile delivery and service field.  Some occupations and small businesses rely daily on these vehicles to power their cash flow.  If this sounds like you – read on to learn what Unlimited RV Service and Solar can do to help keep your business and employees productive on the road.  We offer grooming van electrical service and design, soft and power wash van design / power, and mechanical / mobile technician power design and fabrication.

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Pet Grooming Vans

Do you regularly do 10+ dog days out of one or more grooming vans?  Do you have to idle the van all day in order to run cab and rear air conditioner units and a noisy generator?  Did you have your van converted to electric by someone who didn’t quite get it right because you have breakers popping, never get a full charge, and it dies early in the day? Tired of maintaining a generator and propane system?  If any of these sound like your business – we have a custom solution for you that will last the life of the van, and out perform anything else offered.  All of our products come with manufacturer warranties that are a minimum of five years, with most into the ten or 25 year range.  Unlimited RV Service and Solar will custom design and install an inverter and charger setup with battery bank and solar that will power your business to the next level. 

Power and Soft Wash Vans

Are you doing vent cleaning, chimney sweeping, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, soft washing or power washing from a van-based platform?  All of those hand tools and accessories need to be recharged daily, or you are running a generator all day and/or idling your van, putting hundreds of excessive hours on the engine and wasting fuel.  We offer a large variety of custom power solutions with solar, inverters, and proper battery charging from alternator.  Our robust solutions start with a consultation, which are always free and educational.  If you would like to get more done, faster, with less hassle – we have the AC and DC power options you are looking for. 


Mechanical and Mobile Technician Vans

Lugging around a generator just to run an air compressor?  Need quick and easy reliable inverter 110 power all day to charge accessories?  We know, because we have seen it.  Don’t let an archaic and expensive generator drone out your concentration or customer when you can have clean power all day, ready for the next job. Unrivaled design and quality components are a great investment into your company and equipment. 

Unlimited RV has a convenient location in Knoxville and offers professional buildouts to business owners throughout East Tennessee and the southeast states.  You can contact us today at (865) 200-4162 to schedule an appointment for consultation and estimates.