Owning an RV is one of the most freeing experiences you can enjoy. They have all of the comforts of home, offering the mobility to see the world. Over time, however, RV owners will begin to run into issues with their equipment just like you would with any house or vehicle. That is why every RV owner should know of a quality RV service center that is able to help out when repairs are required. Here are three very common RV issues you may encounter as an owner from the professional team at Unlimited RV.

3 Common RV Issues You May Encounter

Toilet Trouble

Even with regular usage, toilets in conventional homes can endure for a very long time. The bouncing and jarring of an RV caused by the road or terrain in the wilderness, however, can substantially reduce the lifespan of your portable toilet. Water not staying in or running continuously in the toilet bowl due to a bad valve or rubber seal issues are some frequent problems with RV toilets. Despite the fact that these problems may seem like they can wait, they need to be resolved right away. These types of issues can affect your water supply, leading to more costly repairs.

Roof and Window Leaks

Instead of the typical shingled or tiled roof found on a house, your RV’s roof is made of the same material as the sides which helps reduce weight. Over time, your roof can sustain some damage from constant exposure to intense sunlight as well as collisions with low-hanging objects (mainly tree branches). For your windows, a sealant with a more rubberized finish is used to help avoid shattering the glass while traveling. This is different from the standard sealant used on a house, which is meant primarily to prevent leaks and endure the environment. The sealant on your RV will break down over time, causing leaks and potential water damage.

Water Line Damage

Since few people like to expose themselves to the cold unnecessarily, most RVers normally use their recreational vehicles during the warmer months. Because of this, the majority of owners park their RV for the winter. To avoid the expansion that happens when water turns into ice, damaging your pump or bursting lines while you store your RV, make sure your water tanks are empty. Damage to water lines and pumps is a regular problem that necessitates repair work on RVs.

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