Campervan and van modifications are popular in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas.  When looking to go for extended trips or to outfit your work van, adding options and functionality has nearly no limits!  Electrical systems, operable windows, air conditioning and heat, cooking and sleeping provisions are items added to standard vans in order to expand functionality and comfort on the road.  If you use your van for work, adding pump backups, electrical power upgrades, and exterior air and hose fittings are great options.  Check out Unlimited RV for plans to modify or build up your Promaster van, Sprinter van, or High Top van.



Did you get a used van and it was a work unit with no box windows prior?  We can upgrade your unit quickly to allow light in for camping or working.  Promaster side windows and rear windows are optional, even some that open are available.  Mercedes sprinter van windows can add function and cooling to your travels and work.  

Mini Split Air Conditioners

When using a van for camping or work, air conditioning and heat are usually needed.  In Sprinter vans, Promaster vans, and Ford high top vans, these options are limited.  Unlimited RV has the skilled Technicians to add a backpack mini-split system behind or underneath your van!  These AC units are extremely efficient and quiet compared to traditional van AC and RV AC units.  Mounting on the rear or under the van also allows more room on the roof for solar panel and vent installations.  Contact Unlimited RV to help make your van dreams come true!

Electrical Upfit

With mild to wild options, solar, electrical AC/DC systems in vans are available for various uses.  Need heavy duty 110 or 240 outlets in your work van?  Not a problem with today’s advanced systems!  Need to power your coffee maker on the campervan?  You can do that too, with van inverter systems that fit in any space.  Request more information on the solar page to get started designing your future van power system.

Battery Isolation and Charging

When you are driving to your next work destination or to the far reaches of the mountains for a ski trip, you can make use of your van alternator to charge your house or work battery bank.  This must be completed by knowledgeable Technicians and a dedicated design team, depending on the vehicle and system make-up.  By connecting and disconnecting when needed and based on detailed parameters, a battery isolation manager or DC to DC charger can help keep you charged and avoid drivetrain issues.  Mixing LiFeP04 and lead acid batteries can be dangerous.  Such a mixture can occur if they are not isolated correctly and maintained at proper voltage levels. 


By customizing your Promaster, Sprinter, or High Top van, you are able to expand your reach in business and in the camping or overlanding world.  Once you have windows, air conditioning, mobile power, or other advanced functionality – you will never go back!

Unlimited RV provides work Van and Camper van service in Tennessee, including Knoxville, the Smoky Mountains, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and all nearby communities. Contact us today at (865) 200-4162 to request a service.  With multiple build slots available monthly, you can schedule in advance for any modifications needed.