Often we lose track of time while RVing and seeing the country, and spending time with family and friends.  RV roofs and slideouts need constant maintenance to be sure no water leaks occur.  It is generally recommended by many manufacturers to inspect sealant every 90 days.  Sometimes this is hard to do with busy schedules, and leaks can start on your roof, walls, and slid out.  If caught soon enough, damage can be minimized and treated.  In some cases though, a roof or floor replacement is needed. If you need help determining how to repair your RV water damage, see the team at Unlimited RV.

Slide Floors

Especially susceptible to water intrusion are RV slide components.  They usually are over a wheel well, and also have side seals that can have sealant deterioration occur.  If water gets into the plywood or composite flooring, it can cause rot and damage.  Catching this quickly will prevent further damage. Working with your RV insurance, the team at Unlimited RV can help get you back on the road by removing a slideout and repairing a floor the correct way, with a single piece of finished flooring, covered and water proofed.


RV Roof Repairs

Perhaps the most important parts of your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome is the roof.  The roof on your unit should be inspected often and anytime you suspect there has been an impact or scrape with an object while on the road.  Having a leak allows the inner materials of the RV to get wet, which can lead to rot, mold, and mildew.  

When it comes time for RV roof repair and maintenance, Unlimited RV can get you in and out quickly, and at lower cost than competitors.  Their high quality roof and slideout repairs come from experience and having materials on hand, with a large repair facility.  Keeping you RV in tip top shape is that they do every day.



By replacing your entire roof membrane with TPO or PVC high quality materials, your new roof will last a lifetime.  The structure is replaced or rebuilt as needed on each unit by-hand with the knowledge of skilled, certified, and experienced Technicians.  

The team offers free roof and slideout seal inspections at any time – feel free to research the many RV services available or Contact us today at (865) 200-4162 to request a service.