If the year 2020 taught us anything, it’s that many of the country’s office jobs can be done remotely. In fact, several companies are choosing to remain remote even as the country begins to open back up. Because of this opportunity, many Americans are looking to alternative housing options, such as moving out of state or living on the road full-time, as many are no longer required to go to an office every day. At Unlimited RV, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to buy an RV and become a full-timer. In fact, our service department can even help you get started!

Unlimited RV Service Can Help You Become a Full-Timer

Customer Orientation Training

A good first step towards living in an RV full-time is learning everything you can about your vehicle. Our service department understands that not everyone knows all the ins and outs of an RV, so we actually specialize in teaching our customers everything they need to know about using and enjoying their RVs. So, if you’re not sure how to use the different water tanks or how to operate the slides, we’ve got you covered!

Cabinetry Repair and Modification

Many full-time RVers are finding unique ways to customize their RVs to better fit their needs and style. We love this idea! If you truly want to commit to living in your RV full-time, you should absolutely make it as comfortable as possible! Therefore, if you want to modify your cabinetry to better fit your needs, we can help you out! Additionally, we can make any repairs necessary so you won’t need to worry about broken cabinets on the road.

Accessory Installations

Finally, as you customize your RV, make sure to check out the many, many available RV accessories! Some full-timers like to have solar panels installed so they are able to do more boondocking. Others might appreciate a bike rack or additional towing accessories to make hauling their gear easier. Whatever your lifestyle, there is an RV accessory out there that will make your life on the road easier, and the service department at Unlimited RV can install it!

Does living in your RV full-time sound like a good fit for your current situation? Let us help! Unlimited RV of Knoxville, TN, offers gently used or brand-new RVs for sale and our service department can provide any service you may need! Contact us today at (865) 200-4162 to get started!