At Unlimited RV, we truly believe that camping is fun for everyone of all ages, however, the fun isn’t always obvious. For some, having a list of things to do makes it a little bit easier to stay busy and not get bored while they’re supposed to be unplugging and relaxing. If you find you need a day off from hiking the trails, or the weather isn’t cooperating one day, check out this list of other activities that you can do in your RV rental and still make the day a fun one.

Campsite Activities

1. Pack Plenty of Games

Playing games as a family is one of the best ways to connect and learn together. Kids young and old can participate, and parents can clock some quality time away from the screens with their children. We recommend simple board games for young children, and card games or yard games for older children. Classics such as Go Fish, War, or Crazy 8s can be easily taught and enjoyed for hours either inside your RV or at a picnic if the weather allows. Or, if you have older teenagers, challenge them to a corn hole tournament or charades and have the winners choose which movie to watch that night!

2. Try Something New

Another great way to keep busy is by learning a new skill together. Slacklining is a fun way to shake things up and provides hours of entertainment. It’s one of the most unique and fun things to do while camping. It’s similar to tightrope walking, but you’re much, much closer to the ground. Check out a few videos ahead of time and see if slacklining is something you and your crew want to learn together or come up with another new activity!

3. Look Up

Finally, the whole reason most people take a camping trip is to spend time in nature, and one of our favorite things to do in nature is stargazing! And because all you need to stargaze is a clear sky, it’s an easy activity that doesn’t take any extra packing or planning. However, if you do want to take stargazing to the next level, consider astrophotography, or photography of the night sky.

Never hear the words “we’re bored” on a camping trip again with these activities from Unlimited RV. Our family-sized motorhomes fit anywhere from six to eight people and are fully loaded with all the convenient amenities and accessories you need for an enjoyable camping adventure. Contact us today in Knoxville, TN at (865) 262-9992 to request a quote, or reserve online today.