2020 has been a hard year. However, one perk we’ve seen is that families have more time to RV than ever before. With many companies choosing to have their employees work from home and many schools adopting online learning, families have more freedom to travel than during a typical school year. This means it’s the perfect time to stop renting RVs for the occasional weekend and instead buy an RV for even more trips! Our team at Unlimited RV in Tennessee has put together a few tips to help you personalize your new RV so it feels more like home when you hit the road this fall.

Fun Ways to Personalize Your RV

1. Hang Pictures and Display Photos

You may think you it will take a lot of work to truly personalize your RV. However, a few easy changes will add a personal touch without spending too much time or money. Hanging personal pictures instantly makes your RV feel more like home. Just remember that RV walls are made of lightweight material, so you need to take extra caution when hanging things. Choose smaller frames, and use Velcro picture hanging strips instead of nails. Also, look for frames with plastic instead of glass, just in case they should ever fall.

2. Add Fun Fabrics

Most RVs come with a few throw pillows, some patterned curtains and valances, and a bed spread that may or may not be your style. Replacing those fabrics, especially if it’s a used RV, can go a long way. Search stores like Homegoods or Target for discounted throw pillows, or make your own if you’re crafty! Another great, money-saving idea is to make your own curtains with discounted fabrics. Finally, valances are extremely easy to re-cover, and they make a big impact when it comes to adding style.

3. Use Rugs

Finally, never underestimate the value of a new rug. Perhaps you’re not crazy about the flooring, or you want your RV to be homier, or you want something to catch the dirt: a rug is your answer! Look for rugs that are easy to pick up and shake outside for a quick and easy clean. And with a little online research, you’ll be able to find one to fit any budget.

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