Off-season RV camping offers advantages and great rewards, with few drawbacks. It’s a lot easier to just “get-in-and-go” without feeling like you to need to plan every detail of your trip. Whether you are planning a local camping trip to a popular destination near Knoxville, Tennessee, or an extended trip across our beautiful country, Unlimited RV wants to help get you on the road hassle-free and with excellent equipment. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to try RVing in the off-season this year.

Reasons to RV During the Off-Season

1. Save Money

For most campgrounds, the winter is the off season, so the cost to stay on these sites will be much less than they would be during the spring, summer, and fall. Unlimited RV also offers off-season specials with 45-65% off winter rental trips from December through February. With all that savings, you’ll be able to spend your money on fun activities and exciting new places to eat.

2. Beautiful Weather

Every season has its own beautiful scenery to enjoy but, in the winter, you’ll get some of the most gorgeous sights to look at. If you love snowy weather, what better time to RV? Imagine staying cuddled up warm and cozy in your RV and watching the snow fall on the mountains! For some, this is the reason that gets them on the road every time.

3. Less Pests

For many people, one thing they don’t like about camping is all of the bugs. However, during the winter, because bugs are not be able to live in the cold weather, you will need to worry about bugs bugging you. For other people, the pests they want to avoid are over-crowded campsites. However, with many fewer people at the campground, you’ll be spending more time relaxing with your family and less time listening to your noisy site neighbors.

Tennessee is beautiful year-round, so you really can’t go wrong anytime you choose to rent an RV from Unlimited RV. Our family-sized motorhomes fit anywhere from six to eight people and are fully loaded with all the convenient amenities and accessories you need for an enjoyable camping adventure. Contact us today at (865) 262-9992 to request a quote, or reserve online today.